OxygenOffice Professional Free

OxygenOffice Professional (was: OpenOffice.org Premium) is an enhanced version of OpenOffice.org what is a multi-platform office productivity suite. OxygenOffice Professional contains more extras like templates, cliparts, samples, fonts and VBA support.
There are more than 3,400 graphics, clip art and photos.These pictures are integrated into the gallery and can easily be placed into any OxygenOffice document. Several templates and sample documents are included, as well as over 90 fonts.Import/Export in wide formats

Have a look at following features of OxygenOffice:

OxygenOffice Features
Anti Virus Avast
Word Processor Writer
Spreadsheet Calc
Database Base
Presentation Impress
Advanced Calculator                                           Math
PDF Creator Built-in
Diagram Creator Draw
Price 0$

Basic Features:
Language:English and multiple language support
Download FileSize:202 MB
Developer Website:          www.oxygenofficepro.com
OS:Windows XP/Vista/7

Screen Shots:
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