JetAudio - Basic

Jet Audio is much more than just a music player.It is also a Multimedia managment software.It can play various majour multimedia formats and you can add visualization effects to your music and sound effects.it has great customizable interface.Jet Audio has interesting extra featrues.
you can create your own exclusive broadcasting system by connecting JetAudio to JetCast which is provided to you along with JetAudi Application

It's feature includes:
  • Media Managment
  • Conversion
  • Video encoding
  • Audio CD burning (ripping)
  • Support various formats
  • create sound effects
  • Recording
  • Audio CD burning
  • JetCast (Internet Broadcasting)
  • Much more....

Basic Features:
Language:English and multiple language support
Download FileSize:37.8 MB
Developer:Cowon America
Developer Website:          www.cowonamerica.com
OS:Windows XP/Vista/7/2000

Screen Shots:
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