Defraggler Free fragmentation software

Defraggler lets you defragment your whole drive or just a specific files or folders.It supports NTFS nad FAT32 file systems.Defraggler gives you simple and fast experience to defragment drives as a result users can see live visual map of boxes of different color showing empty,not fragmented,or needing defragmentation

Defraggler fuctions:

  • Defragment file/folders + drives
  • Scheduled Defragmentation
  • Defragment free space
  • Fast,save and secure
  • Compact and portable
  • Iteracive drive map
  • Qucik Defrag

Defraggler Features
Price Free
FileSize 3.9 MB
Language English & Multiple Language
Version 2.15
Oprating System Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8
Official Site

Defraggler Screen Shots:

Defraggler home screen shot

Defraggler health screen shot
1-Click Maintainence

Defraggler fragmentation screen shot