Wise Program Uninstaller Free Download

Wise program uninstaller is a freeware program to effectivly remove installed programs on your Pc.It automatically list all intalled programs.It has three prominent fuction.one safe Uninstall, Secound Modification fuction and the last one is Force Uninstall.If a certain program is not uninstalling by safe Uninstallation Process then you can use Force Uninstallation process also you can repair programs if it is not performing right functions.
After Uninstallation wise uninstaller not stops but deeply search for leftovers (Which slow Down you PC) and removes the lefted mess which windows integrated uninstaller does't do

Wise Program Uninstaller Fuctions:

  • Deeply Scan for Program left-Overs
  • Safe and Forced Uninstallation
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Program repair fuction
  • No Adware,Spyware,Malware

Wise Program Uninstaller Features
Price Free
FileSize 1.9 MB
Language English & Multiple Language
Version 1.4.66
Oprating System Windows XP/2003/2k/Vista/7/8
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Wise Program unintaller menu screen Shot

Wise Program unintaller analyzing left overs screen Shot
Analyzing left-overs

Wise Program unintaller analyzing result screen Shot
Analyzing result